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Sharon Stone: The Guardian Interview

Young Sharon Stone
The Guardian

The Guardian

Sharon talks about fame after Basic Instinct movie: “I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It’s frightening not to have enough privacy in your life to try things out, to see how you feel before you’re seeing how you feel on TV.”

Sharon talks about possibility of the sequel of Basic Instinct: “The scripts needs to be as good as the first one – and I need to be paid like Michael Douglas was paid for the first one, which seems to be shocking to everyone. Men still make more money than women in the industry.” “Basic Instinct was an incredible opportunity – but it’s not all of what I am. There was a sensationalized attitude to my image then. But the sensational is dropping off and the professional remains.”

Sharon remembers discipline households when she was child: “You showed up on time and dinner was over when Dad said it was over.” “We didn’t have a luxurious upbringing, but now Dad and Mum have round-the-clock staff, a cook, a work-out person and a massage person. They’ve accepted the burden of luxury quite easily and they don’t have the big price tag (that goes with celebrity).”

Sharon speaks about time after The Specialist movie: “I had certain rules. I’d have to be a better actor in each movie, and every other one had to be a potential hit, so I didn’t bury myself by just being in my art thing.”

Nowadays, Sharon goes after directors she wants to work with: Sydney Pollack – “I’ve been stalking him for about three years.” Barry Levinson – “I hounded him to the death. I just called him at home and showed up at his home, acted out scenes in his living room, made friends with his wife.”

Sharon talks about her 40th birthday: “Before, I spent all my time trying to resolve the issues of my childhood. But when you get to 40you get tired of that. You’ve worked that out. You start trying to live life. I never did anything the way you’re supposed to do it. If my career is over, I guess my next career will turn up. I was pretty excited about being 40.”

Does Sharon plan a baby? “As for my personal life – gee, you know, I’d rather just discuss that with my husband. But one thing I will tell you – we have sex constantly!”

And finally about stardom: “Stardom is an incredibly maturing situation. Either you mature or you die. Look back at women who have occupied my space in history, women who have played leading-lady parts with a sexual undertow. Most of them die. I prefer not to.”